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Below are links to classes we have taught here at Meant to Bead.  If you would like to see current class offerings go to the calendar page.


Current Classes


Expand on your Kumihimo braiding and add one made of ALL BEADS ! You will love this bracelet because it is designed to bead on the go. This is a great place to begin your Kumihimo experience. You will have to pre-bead some beads prior to class.

Cost: $ 30.00
This is a great beginner to intermediate beader necklace. Take your Semi Precious Stones and learn how to make a few go a very long way and LOOK IMPRESSIVE in this necklace

Cost: $ 30.00
This ornament was designed in memory of my Omi (German Grandma). You will use multi-hole beads along with crystals, seed beads to create this ornament. It is tough and sturdy but yet beautiful. Join Shannon in learning this beautiful Baumschmuck (Ornament).

Cost: $ 25.00
Due to COVID restrictions, MTB is limited to the # of people in our classroom. So we are offing PRIVATE 2-hour classes. MTB will teach any class you want to learn as long as it is in Shannon's wheelhouse. Please have one person sign up for class. We can teach to anyone that is ALREADY in your bubble. Nobody else will be invited to join the class. In the comments section please add the class you would like to learn.

Cost: $ 35.00
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