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Earring Finishing:

         Basic wrap turn or simple turn = $1 per earring

         Briolette wrap turn= $3 per earring

         Earwire replacement $1

General Repair:

          Clasp replacement/reattachment $1.00-3.00

          Jumpring attachment. $1.00

          Memorywire Turns $1.00

Re-Gluing Cabochons:  

          $1.00 - $3.00 per size of stone/crystal or project

Leather Crimp End Finishing:  

          Crimp end pairs = $5 per pair

Stretch Bracelets:

          Restring $6.00 per strand

            Tying and Gluing: $1.00 per strand

Bead Restringing:

          Basic Restring Bracelet 1 Strand = $15

                 Multiple strand bracelet Add $5 per strand 

            Basic Restringing Necklace 1 Strand = $18

                  Longer than 20inches = $20

                  Multiple strand Necklace Add $8 per strand 

Bead/ Pearl Knotting:

          Basic Knotting = $1.00 per inch

          If beads need reaming or have small holes $10 hour will be charged

Custom Designed Jewelry:

          Time for designing plus time to make the piece. $10 hour

Special Repairs:

            Time for designing plus time to make the piece. $10 hour


*All Repair cost does not include cost of materials.

*Additional costs may be added for unforeseen complications.

*All Repair costs are subject to change.

*No Guarantees on repairs as jewelry has normal wear and tear issues.